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Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage - the whole body massage, performed in dress or underwear on a professional massage stool (or naked on the mat), is an intensive or gentle massage, its purpose is to relax all muscle parts as well as to reduce pain and relax the whole body. The massage is intended for people looking for a good  intensive massage, combined harmoniously with erotic parts.

Sports massage

Sports massage has a lot to do with relaxing massage, with the difference that it is performed using greater strength and energy. The masseuse's movements are also much faster. Sports massage is an inseparable element of wellness, which is used in professional training programs. It helps prevent injuries, eliminates the effects of overtraining, warms up and relaxes the muscles, and prevents soreness after exercise. It is a very intense massage, with a large share of soft tissue deep massage and Thai massage.

Massage of the prostate

Massage of the prostate is one of the sexual techniques that increase sexual sensations as well as a diagnostic and supportive method of treating prostate diseases, especially inflammation. Prostate massage can be external. Then it involves stimulation of the perineal area between the scrotum and anus, which is in the projection of the prostate gland. This technique can be used to achieve an erection. In turn, internal prostate massage can be both a sexual technique and a method used for diagnostic purposes and support the treatment of prostate diseases. It can be made by hand or vibrator.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi lomi slow massage - massage performed on the table, topless (i.e. with bare breasts) on a special oil sheet. It is an intensive, very relaxing massage, causing maximum "kick". Its characteristic feature is a unique back massage, performed when the client lies on his back - I know, I know, sounds strange, but it is the best massage I have had the opportunity to experience. Innovative massage techniques combined with a touch of firm breasts make it a massage you won't forget for a long time.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a very sensual, rather delicate massage performed with the hands and forearms naked on a mat. The idea of ​​tantric massage is to stimulate sensory receptors, unblock sexual energy, bring relief to stress and imbalance, whether mental or physical. There are several varieties of massage depending on what the client needs at the moment most.

HAMMAM Massage

Hammam massage is a bathing ritual, consisting of several stages. 1. warming up the body in a sauna, preparing muscles for relaxation and skin for cleansing 2.peeling with a KESSA glove to clean the skin of old, calloused epidermis 3. washing the whole body 4. foam massage with green olive soap, aimed at removing deposits and preparing the skin to absorb nutritional values 5. oil massage (preferably on argan or almond oil), which relaxes the muscles and increases the absorption of the oil through cleansed skin, making it rejuvenated, firm and more tense.

NURU (body to body) Massage

Nuru massage is the most erotic massage, performed with the naked body of a masseuse. It can be on a mattress and a special sheet, it can be using a NURU massage gel made of sea algae. It is a massage during which the masseuse sensually slides over the massaged body. The massage is performed with the hands of the forearms, but also the bottom and the breasts.

NURU de LUX Massage

NURU de LUX massage is a nuru massage, performed with the body of a masseuse starting a joint shower with a masseuse, during which she will wash the client and on request can perform a full body scrub, may well cleanse the skin, which during the massage will absorb the nutrients contained in the natural almond oil

NURU de LUX pro

NURU de LUX pro massage is a body massage, starting with a joint shower with the masseuse, during which she will wash you, then you switch to the mat, where the "classic" NURU massage with the option of mutual massage is performed: You massage the masseuse, the masseuse massages you

NURU plus

The NURU plus massage is a NURU massage - the details of which are set by phone or at the beginning of the meeting. There's a possibility- body massage shared shower mutual massage and other more personal caresses - to be agreed with the masseuse


The NURU plus massage is a NURU massage - the details of which are set by phone or at the beginning of the meeting. There's a possibility- body massage shared shower mutual massage and other more personal caresses - to be agreed with the masseuse


Mystery of seduction or PRELIMINARY GAME. This is a unique massage, arranged according to the ancient rules of the art of tantric massage - the moments of gradual increase in erotic tension intertwine with the apogee with moments of cooling down, after a while the fun begins again: you are tempted, flirtated, seduced, you feel close to a beautiful passionate girl / women, you hear her heart beating, her breath strokes your neck, you feel her body in your hands and ... cooling ..... and again ..... from the beginning The massage starts with a few minutes of dancing streepdance (chair choreography) or striptease, later you will be "tantric temptation", then a specific, unique nuru massage - like you have never been before, then ........

Duets and massages for couples

Massage for a couple  performed by one masseuse PLN 400 / 1h for two people PLN 600 / 90min


A duo of two masseuses plus one person massaged PLN 500 / 1h PLN 750 / 90min 


 A duo of two masseuses plus 2 people massaged PLN 600 / 1h for two people PLN 800 / 90min

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